Jim “Dr. Daddio Walker”

In 1963, radio legend, Jim Walker, better known as "Dr. Daddio," arrived on the Denver scene by way of Houston, TX. "I had gone as far I could go in Houston [in radio] but I always wanted to be a pioneer, and open doors in other cities with my talent," Dr. Daddio once said.

 For the next 18 years, Dr. Daddio would go on to fulfill a number of responsibilities at Denver’s KDKO Radio (1510 AM); which included, sales manager, operations manager, program director, and on-air personality. Every weekday at 4 o'clock on the dot, you'd hear in that familiar low baritone, "It's the good Doctor here, 'specially for you nanny grannies, ya baby-sitters, midnight ramblers, early morning gamblers, cop-snitchers and wimmin whippers! It's the Daddy-O, live and in living color! The BOSS with the HOT SAUCE!"

 In the spring of 1989, Jim “Dr. Daddio” Walker purchased KDKO Radio, making him the first African American to ever independently own a radio station. Upon Dr. Daddio’s purchase of KDKO, the station's motto became, "Unity in the Community" which has also been the motto of Walker’s life mission. "The highest point in my career has been helping my community while educating and training so many young Blacks who have had the opportunity to come to learn this business and become successful and independent when they leave me." (Dr. Daddio)

 For nearly 15 years, KDKO Radio stayed committed to being the voice of Denver’s Black community. While other stations just had DJ's reading public service announcements off an index card, Dr. Daddio and the KDKO Family invited anyone with a cause to come and share the mic. Some of Denver’s biggest names – Former Mayor Wellington E. Webb, Hiawatha Davis, and Cleo Parker Robinson – were regular voices during KDKO’s time on the airwaves under the leadership of Dr. Daddio.

 For the past 50+ years, Dr. Daddio has guided the radio careers of your favorite personalities, popularized R&B music in Denver, and served as one of our community’s most prominent voices. He is and will always be a pioneer and legend, not just in the radio industry, but in the fight for civil rights and the advancement of our community.

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