The Juneteenth #DREAMBIG Award ceremony will commence on Saturday June 16, 2018 at our main stage on 27th and Welton. Honoring individuals who have set high standards for achievement in business, education and service,  we invite you to join us. This year we are excited to honor the contributions of 8 individuals who have managed to achieve success despite the odds. For more information on each honoree please click on their name below. 


The landscape of Denver, specifically North East Denver is aggressively changing. Countless families who called the East Side their home and neighborhood have been forced to relocate to surrounding cities with lower rents. The gentrification of Denver is serious for countless reasons and poses a threat to the legacies of pioneers who have helped open doors for future generations.

Our primary message we work to deliver through our platform is, “Dream Big”.  It will appears in all of our messaging and promotion leading up to this year’s celebration on Saturday June 16, 2018. To enhance the message, the festival planning committee is creating banners, posters and flyers featuring African Americans  who have new standards through high achievement and Dreaming Big.


2018 Honorees:

Jerome Davis - Xcel Energy

April Denmon - Denmon Realty

Jai Harris - Television Producer

Leslie Herod - Colorado State Representative

Eula Adams - CPA, Nueromonics

Brandis Meeks - Urban Land Aquisitions

Fathima Dickerson - Welton Street Cafe *Legacy Award Winner

Earnie Parker - *Norman Harris Sr. Legacy Award Winner


2017 Honorees:

Big Al Richardson - Pioneer Organizer of Denver, Colorado's Juneteenth celebration

Ericka Platt - Kaiser Permanente

Brother Jeff Fard - Brother Jeff's Cultural Center, 5 Points News

DJ Cavem - Keep it Fresh

Ryan Haygood - New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

Wilma Webb

Jon Platt