Summer  Youth Environmental Leadership Program

Support our Zero Waste Effort

Juneteenth Summer Youth Environmental Leadership Program 


With the help of Eco-Cycle and the Sierra Club, Juneteenth Music Festival hopes to achieve Zero Waste status, by diverting the majority of its waste away from landfills, and into composting and recycling. 


Denver has one of the worst recycling rates in the nation. It's time to change that!  


This program will take place over the four days leading up to Juneteenth Music Festival. We are recruiting local high school students from the Juneteenth community, who have an interest in learning more about their environment and the issue of waste diversion.  Only a few hours a day over the 4 day program will be needed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of waste diversion in the Denver area.  Activities will be educational, around the issue of waste, and include visits to local composting and recycling centers, and to a local landfill.  Students will then put their knowledge into action by helping with the Zero Waste efforts at Juneteenth; this will include educating other members of the Juneteenth community (and their parents!) on the topic of waste diversion.  Students will also be formally recognized by JMF, EcoCycle, and Sierra Club as Youth Leaders with an expertise in waste diversion. 


Juneteenth Zero Waste Program

June 12: Orientation & Education (10 - 1130 am; location TBD) 

June 13: Tour DADS Landfill & Alpine Recycling Facility (930 am - 230 pm) 

-Free shuttle transportation leaves Manual High School parking lot at 930 am 

-Free lunch provided 

June 14: Tour A1 Organics Compost Facility (11 am - 1 pm)  

-Meet-up at the facility (9109 Monaco St, Henderson, CO 80640) 

June 15: Volunteer training (10 – 1130 am, location TBD) 

June 16: Juneteenth Music Festival, Zero Waste in action (Five Points) 


Interested in participating?  

Sign up below... more questions --->Reach out to Jasmin or Jason.  


Jasmin Barco 

EcoCycle Outreach Coordinator 



Jason McCarl 

Juneteenth Sustainability Coordinator 


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