Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our campaign, #JMFZeroWaste.

We are raising money to (1) support our Zero Waste efforts at this year's Juneteenth Music Festival, (2) support the JMF/EcoCycle/Sierra Club Youth Environmental Leader program, and (3) create an interactive, educational exhibit that will contain information on climate change, pollution, waste diversion, and local impacts.

JMF Zero Waste Initiative
With the help of EcoCycle and the Sierra Club, Juneteenth Music Festival hopes to achieve Zero Waste status, by diverting the majority of its waste away from landfills, and into composting and recycling.  Funds are needed to support employed staff that are involved in the organization and implementation of the Zero Waste plan, and to purchase supplies and services, such as compostable bags, waste removal services, compostable food receptacles, etc.

-JMF/EcoCycle/Sierra Club-
Youth Environmental Leadership program
Additional funds will go towards purchasing transportation services for the JMF/EcoCycle/Sierra Club - Youth Environmental Leader program.   The program will involve local high school students from the Juneteenth community, who have an interest in learning more about their environment and the issue of waste diversion.  Activities will be educational, around the issue of waste, and include visits to local composting and recycling centers, and to a local landfill.  Students will then put their knowledge into action by helping with the Zero Waste efforts at Juneteenth; this will include educating other members of the Juneteenth community (and their parents!) on the topic of waste diversion.  Students will also be formally recognized by JMF, EcoCycle, and Sierra Club as Youth Leaders with an expertise in waste diversion.

Interactive Environmental Education Exhibit
With the help of Proctor Productions, the JMF Green Zone is hoping to design an interactive, educational, climate change, pollution, and waste diversion exhibit (10'x20').   It would provide information on the local impacts of 21st century environmental issues, including the concept of social/environmental justice.

To allow enough time for planning, funds are needed before June 1st. The festival is on June 16, 2018.

Receiving your support would help raise awareness in the Juneteenth community around local environmental issues, including the issue of waste diversion, thereby promoting recycling and composting in the community. Efforts would also include youth engagement, which is equally as important.

I, and the other Juneteenth organizers, would be especially grateful for your contribution.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Jason Mccarl
Organizer, JMF Green Zone

One of ten Climate Change Education banners from JMF 2017.